Informational meeting tonight on state building code

- Posted on Feb 23, 2011 - 03:37 PM

The Gloucester County Building Inspectors Department will hold an informational session from 7 to 9 o’clock tonight in the colonial courthouse to familiarize area contractors with the most recent updates to the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

The 2009 edition of the building code was adopted by the state Board of Housing and Community Development and the regulations will be effective Tuesday.

The 2009 International Building Code, published by the International Code Council, Inc., is adopted and incorporated by reference to be an enforceable part of the state code. The IBC references the whole family of international codes, including the following major codes: 2009 International Plumbing Code, 2009 International Mechanical Code, 2008 National Electrical Code, 2009 International Fuel Gas Code, 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, and 2009 International Residential Code.