Harris Garage recognized as a ‘top shop’

Bill Nachman - Posted on Jan 26, 2011 - 04:55 PM

Harris Garage, Inc., located on Hayes Road, recently was recognized as a "top shop" for automotive repair by a Colorado-based website.

Harris Garage was recognized by the Monday Morning Mechanic, often referred to as MMM, an automotive repair expert who ranks the country’s best auto repair shops.

"One of the criteria for the ‘top shop’ award is it’s a place I would want my mom to go," said David Roberts, who is the MMM. "Not only do you have to be the best in auto repair, you have to be looking out for the best interests of your customer and not simply your bottom line."

A publicist for Harris said that the Hayes garage was one of only 18 auto repair businesses in the country recognized for the award recently. The only other shop in Virginia is located in Fredericksburg.

Michael Harris of Hayes, who manages the shop and provided much of the information for this article, said that he is pleased his shop received this recognition. Harris said the staff strives hard to provide "honest and ethical service" to the community.

It’s the little things that can make a difference, Harris said, such as his mechanics looking at all systems of a vehicle when it comes in for routine service like an oil change to spot possible trouble spots before they occur. For example, Harris said it is much better to find and replace a belt about to break while in the shop than it would be if it broke while the vehicle is being operated on the road.