Healthy Solutions celebrates first anniversary; expands product line

Bill Nachman - Posted on Jan 05, 2011 - 05:23 PM

Healthy Solutions, located at Hayes Store Shopping Center, has gotten, well, a bit healthier.

Owner Toril Oien Eller of Hayes said she recently celebrated the store’s first anniversary. In recent months, she has expanded her product line and services offered.

The shop continues to sell a variety of natural and gluten-free foods, Eller said, and features a large assortment of organic herbs and herbal supplements.

A popular addition has been the juice bar. Eller uses a commercial-grade machine to extract juices from vegetables and fruits. A blend of carrot, beet and apple juices is one of the favorites.

Eller has expanded the product lines she offers, with emphasis on natural food and in response to requests she now carries many more gluten-free products.

For customers who like to make their own supplements, Eller sells a capsule machine and capsules that can be filled with herbal concoctions. She also sells crystals, healing stones and some jewelry, along with an assortment of fresh-made smoothies.

Eller has expanded her class schedule. Zumba classes, now offered three times a week, are a popular addition, she said, and the whole body workouts to Latin/international music are led by Indie Winter, a Gloucester native with extensive fitness trainer certifications.

Two new massage therapists now offer their services at Healthy Solutions—Ella Webster and Megan Aycock, Gloucester residents who both have earned the Certified Massage Therapist designation. They offer a variety of modalities, Eller said, from pre-natal and hot stone massage to lymphatic drainage and castor oil packs.