MetroCast completes acquisition of Mathews cable service

Bill Nachman - Posted on Nov 23, 2010 - 05:18 PM

Gans Communications, doing business as MetroCast Communications, has completed the acquisition of system assets of Comcast, LLC, in Mathews County.

Bill Newborg, general manager of MetroCast’s Virginia systems, said that MetroCast recently acquired the communications systems that Comcast had operated in the counties of Mathews, North-umberland and Westmoreland.

Previously, MetroCast had acquired the cable and related communications operations in the counties of Middlesex, King George, Essex, Caroline and Lancaster, as well as the towns of Bowling Green, Colonial Beach, Tappahannock and Warsaw.

In Mathews, Newborg said MetroCast has acquired an old communications system. He predicted that it will take MetroCast technicians about a year to conduct a field survey to identify how best to upgrade the Mathews system.

Newborg did not specify when the Mathews system might actually be upgraded.