BBQ is the specialty at new Cobbs Creek restaurant

Bill Nachman - Posted on Apr 02, 2014 - 01:21 PM

Cobbs Creek Diner opened for business on March 26 in the building that formerly housed Stanstrings restaurant on Route 198, Cobbs Creek.

Jonnie Forrest of Cobbs Creek, owns the new restaurant with her daughter, Julie Jarvis of Hudgins. They employ a staff of six, including Jonnie’s husband, Perry, who handles the smoker for their specialty barbecue dishes and makes their signature vinegar sauce. Several other relatives also work there, along with a couple of workers who aren’t related to the owners.

When asked what they specialize in, both owners said barbecue. They have pork barbecue on the regular menu, plus feature pork ribs, beef brisket and chicken as specials.

The regular lunch and dinner menu is filled with country-style items such as hamburgers, grilled chicken and fried fish sandwiches. Also, there’s a selection of salads, appetizers including the popular “hush piggies” made with a special sauce, and vegetables such as cold slaw, beets and onion rings. Jonnie bakes the desserts, including her signature pound cake.