Riverside provides services for in-home elderly care

Bill Nachman - Posted on Feb 26, 2014 - 01:03 PM

Riverside Health System has put a new emphasis on in-home safety.

Pamela Taylor, Riverside’s Manager of In-Home Technologies, said that the health system tries to offer a continuum of care facilities. But many elderly people don’t want to leave their homes, she said, and health care professionals find that many people would prefer to spend their later years right where they are.

Some stay in their homes, Taylor said, while others might look at assisted living or other types of care facilities but realize they cannot quite afford to pay for them.

In an effort to assist elderly or other persons better care for themselves in their homes, Taylor said, Riverside offers a 24/7 unique medical alert service. It’s not just a push-a-button-to-call-for-help type service, which is offered by other national and local retailers.