Décor shop opens in Mathews C.H.

Bill Nachman - Posted on Aug 21, 2013 - 11:25 AM

Branches, a home décor shop, opened in early August on Main Street, Mathews.

The shop specializes in coastal cottage décor, said Bonnie Olrogge, who owns Branches with her husband George. Branches is located in the space that formerly housed Country Casuals.

The store has approximately 1,400 square feet, Bonnie said, of which 1,200 square feet are filled with items in the showroom and about 200 square feet to the rear are used for an office and storage.

Branches offers for sale an assortment of new primitive and vintage items, Bonnie said, along with a few antiques. There are pieces of furniture, paintings, glassware, jewelry and other items. Some reused items are sold, Bonnie said, such as crafting a table accessory from a chandelier and painting furniture to give it new life. Also, dips, spices and chocolates are sold.

"You may come in, see something you like and not buy it—and come back again a day later and it’s gone," George Olrogge said of the shop’s popularity in its first few weeks in business. A steady stream of local and out-of-town shoppers has visited them since opening their doors, the Olorogges said, and nearby merchants have welcomed them with gifts.