County moves forward with business group’s recommendations

Quinton Sheppard - Posted on Jun 12, 2013 - 01:35 PM

Staff members have prioritized recommendations developed by the Business Development Focus Group and presented that list to the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors at its June 4 meeting in the colonial courthouse. The board voted unanimously to move forward with the recommendations as soon as possible.

According to county administrator Brenda Garton, staff developed a set of four specific recommendations to start with.

The first item is to begin working on the site plan ordinance review and revision. That, she said, does not need to go to the county planning commission, so once those revisions are made, they can come back before the board to move forward to a public hearing to begin making those revisions.

The second item, she said, is to work on the implementation ordinances it will take to do the village plans that have been developed.

Garton said Gloucester’s Economic Development Authority offered to fund the bulk of hiring a consultant to develop that ordinance. She said the Main Street Preservation Trust has agreed to contribute toward that effort and the EDA has requested a county match of $5,000, which can be transferred from the county administrator’s contingency fund.

The third item is to begin revision of the Highway Corridor Overlay District, which was a major issue for members of the focus group. These revisions do have to go before the planning commission, Garton said.