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[Posted on Jul 30, 2014 | 335 views]
Assistant superintendent John Hutchinson is shown with the 600 desks he purchased for the new Page Middle School, enough for every classroom. Gloucester Public Schools obtained the $120,000 worth of desks for $1,300, thanks to Hutchinson’s work. Photo by Kim Robins
Desks and chairs still await sorting in the gymnasium of the T.C. Walker Education Center, where furnishings for the new school are being stored temporarily. Photo by Kim Robins
School division employee John Register sorts through some of the furnishings and pulls out items that need minor repairs. Photo by Kim Robins
Furnishings obtained through surplus for GCPS included 15 equipped technology presentation lecterns for $80 each. Photo by Kim Robins
The surplus purchases included 33 microscopes, with 10 Zeiss scopes that retail for $5,800 each. Hutchinson purchased all 33 for $600. Photo by Kim Robins

Employee finds deals on office furnishings

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