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Scott Eno’s Gwynn’s Island hobby farm is teeming with birds of all kinds, pregnant goats, hogs, and even a rabbit or two. His English Orpington chickens are sold all across the country, and the USDA-approved meat from his hogs is available locally. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
Two Orpington roosters keep an eye on their chickens and a visitor at Scott and Robin Eno’s Gwynn’s Island farm. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
All seven of Eno's female Tennessee fainting goats are pregnant, so he expects to be able to provide goat milk-based products this spring. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
These young silkies are still kept under a heat lamp, but they should be ready for outside pens soon. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
Two quail are still kept in the garage, but should be ready for outdoor life soon. Photo by Sherry Hamilton

{image_1} Raising chickens, goats, hogs, and other animals

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